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  • At about 6 months of using your AC frequently,
  • Mold and Dust always gets in our Air Conditioner and without knowing that you’re breathing in Mold Spores,
  • all because you can’t see it in the Air you breathe.

SO WHY CHOOSE AQUA AC Clean for your AC Cleaning?

Pressure Power Wash Method originated in Japan since 1990.

Our Focus is Quality Service and Work for 100% Customer Satisfaction.

Mold & Bacteria inside AC cannot be removed unless pressure washing with water and solvent.

We use Pro Grade Bio Safe Coil Cleaner especially made for Coils, Disinfectant and Sanitize that kills 99.99% of Bacteria and Viruses including Covid-19. We clean your main inside unit with Aqua Pressure Power Wash.We use Pro pressure wash equipment made in Japan especially made for AC units. AC wash Cover for reliable wash without leaks or mess. Pressure Power Wash inside Evaporator Coils and Blower Wheel to ensure the cleanest your AC can ever be. The water runs and also clears the AC drain line from the Coils and the Blower Wheel drains through our special Cover Tube into our bucket.Mold and dust inside the air conditioner cannot be removed by only cleaning the filter or just cleaning the Blower Wheel without shooting down the Coil with disinfectant and water using specialized AC power wash. We will Power wash and rinse until the water is transparent.The benefit for AC cleaning is your health. Discharge of mold and mildew spores cannot be seen with the human eye. Therefore, cleaning the air you breathe becomes very important especially if you’re in an enclosed AC room for a long period of time.Dust and mold can also put pressure on the coils and blower wheel and in time, you will lose wind power and cool air. The other benefit comes when you power wash the coils from the dust and mildew spores, the wind speed increases by up to 40% which improves temperature power which equals to savings on electric bill every month.This method of AC wash has been in Japan since the 1990 and we want to recommend this type of AC Cleaning in your household to make sure we All Breathe Clean Air.

Raised in Hawaii since my early years and being here for over forty something years, I’ve learned the meaning of Aloha, Ohana & friends and the importance of our beautiful mother nature.  My parents has been in the restaurant business in Hawaii in the 70’s & 80’s.  Since the late 80’s, they had moved back to Japan.

Now for over 30 years, it has been a family business for cleaning in Osaka,  Japan.  My father has had a franchise with the largest cleaning company in Japan since 1990.  Working and training in Japan in the 90’s has had a major impact for me as far as best cleaning techniques and customer service in Japan which is probably one of the best in services in the world.

​Japan has had a big impact on my life, working and learning the importance of customer service and cleaning skills.

Now that I’m back in Hawaii, I have decided to take the training and service skills and applied to the company here, AQUA AC Clean.  The skills I have learned from cleaning mold from Air Conditioners, I’ve cleaned over 400 units while in Japan.  Duskin, a major Japanese cleaning company has introduced split AC unit cleaning method in 1990.  I have always wanted to take this AC Cleaning method back to Hawaii because of the health issues and allergies that come along with all the mold bacteria and dust from these AC units.

​We take pride in our cleaning and services.  Please feel free to contact us for any questions or estimates.​Aloha & Mahalo,​Yujiro KajiAQUA AC Clean Team.